About us

quick, real and thin

Everyone loves a pizza, but have you noticed nowadays where has the passion, fun and taste gone in some of the high street pizza places?

We love the quick, authentic, real and thin Neapolitan pizza. The pizza dough is freshly made with high quality flour from Naples, our tomato sauce is a unique secret blended recipe from the Giovanni family and the toppings are fresh and locally sourced from Italy.

You can click and collect (parking around the corner), enjoy our cosy, Italian place (seating inside), there are seats outside in our Basil Garden or you can get your Gii Pizza delivered!

The Experience

The smell of pizza cooking on our ovens, a 3 minute quick turnaround, see your pizza being made, have a chat with the pizza chef, listen to our music, help yourself to a great range of drinks, add a special hot sauce, add some extra parmesan shavings, reach for tub of homemade coleslaw , add a fresh salad or even potato sides and finally taste a real, thin speedy Neapolitan pizza!


click and collect