Kids Club

Saturday morning will never be the same again – kids in front t of the TV ? Do something special with our own Kids Club from 10 am to 12 am every Saturday morning.

Kids will experience in making their very own pizzas (not use the oven of course that’s left to our Pizza Chef).

The kids roll the pizza dough, add a spoonful of tomato sauce on top on the dough, don’t forget the cheese and select their own toppings from our fresh ingredients. All aspiring little chefs join our Club and learn how to make an authentic pizza!

We will cook it and yep they get eat their own masterpiece. - you may even get a slice if your lucky!

All supervised by our Gii Pizza team.

Please contact us for bookings, prices and availability.

Minimum age 7 years old.


Other Events

Corporate events
Team Building events
Lunch time pizzas for those corporate meetings
Family events.

In the pipeline – wood fired mobile pizza ovens
Food trucks for concerts, food markets and events


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